Advancing 2 Precious Metal Projects in Mexico | Ralph Shearing

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Ralph Shearing, President & Director of Telson Mining Corp. speaks on their two precious metal projects in Mexico.

“Telson is a mining company. We focus on polymetalic deposits but primarily moving towards precious metals. Both of our projects are in Mexico. One of them is Campo Morado is in Guerrero the second, Tahuehueto is in northwestern Durango. At Campo Morado, we just announced commercial production. And we’re producing around 2,000 tonnes a day, we are amping up towards 2,500 tons per day. We have 300 people employed at the mine, that’s less than half of the previous operator. Tahuehueto is in construction now and we anticipate the mine to be built and started up towards the end of this year, probably 2018. And in full production in 2019, declaring commercial production maybe second quarter of 2019.

Projects and Production

Tahuehueto is in a construction phase, there’s probably two or three hundred people coming up there very quickly. We’re planning on doing a lot of exploration to increase the size of the production at both projects. And we have a really aggressive plan to acquire new projects. Because Antonio Berlanga, our CEO was very well-connected in Mexico and has projects already targeted. Telson’s management team is very strong and Mexican oriented. They’re a very hands-on group of built and operated mines in Mexico for many years and are really pushing Telson forward with their expertise.” – Ralph Shearing, President & Director of Telson Mining Corp.

About Telson Mining Corporation

Telson Mining Corporation is a Canadian based junior resource mining company with two Mexican gold, silver and base metal mining projects. The Company just recently announced that on May 15, 2018 its Campo Morado mine located in Guerrero, Mexico had begun commercial production a full 3 months ahead of schedule. The goal at Campo Morado is to increase throughput at the mill to 2,500 tonnes per day by Q3/Q4 of 2018. Telson’s Tahuehueto Project, located in north-western Durango State, Mexico is currently in pre-production at approximately 110 tonnes per day. It is utilizing a toll mill for processing and has entered a construction phase with a timeline to be producing on site in its own mineral processing plant. Which are capable of milling at least 1,000 tonnes per day towards the end of 2018. For more information on Telson Mining Corp. (TSN:TSX.V) please fill out the form below.

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