TGOD: An Organic Approach to Cannabis

The Green Organic Dutchman has taken an organic approach to cannabis, as consumers grow more concerned about what they ingest.

The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD) is all about organic. This means their growing methods to manage the different biological systems are more complex than traditional growing methods.

TGOD lives by the highest standards in cultivating premium, certified organic cannabis. Because of its complex organic growing methods, they use the most efficient and innovative technology to produce clean and pure, certified organic cannabis.

Not all cannabis is created equal. If someone cares about the way that their fruits and vegetables are grown and they carefully wash all of them when they buy them, they should care the same about their cannabis. The certified organic process leads to a cleaner product free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and allows Mother Nature to do what she does best.

TGOD is extremely mindful when it comes to designed sustainable practices for their local communities. This means less packaging, less water, less energy. The company takes the natural environment that we live in into consideration and works with local communities to make life better for future generations.

Certified Organic

The Green Organic Dutchman takes organic seriously. Their processes are certified by both ECOCERT and Pro-Cert. In addition, they’re the only Licensed Producer where 100% of their cannabis products is organically grown.

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