Bringing Cannabis to the Wellness Market

CEO, Penny White explains how the company is bringing cannabis into the international wellness market

The Yield Growth Corp. is developing products for the international market that contain parts of the cannabis plant. To further explain, it’s everything from hemp crude oil to hemp seed oil to full on cannabinoids such as CBD and THC.

“Our goal at Yield Growth is to disrupt the international wellness space, which is 4.2 trillion dollars a year”, says CEO, Penny White.

Moreover, the company has an amazing management team that has experience taking multi-billion dollar products to market.

Urban Juve

One of the company’s brands is Urban Juve. The brand blends Ayurveda-inspired wellness with modern science. Urban Juve is launching over 50 proprietary skincare and wellness products. These are infused with Cannabis Sativa hemp root and hemp seed oil. Urban Juve sells directly to North American consumers through its e-commerce site and is distributed across Canada through various retailers.

The chairman of Urban Juve was the CEO and CFO of Mac Cosmetics for six years, leading to the acquisition by Estee LAUDER. Also, Jeff Smith, who is the head of their board of advisors, was formerly chairman of Johnson Johnson and president of the Johnson and Johnson Consumer Products Division.

Working with IPSY

Yield Growth’s biggest marketing partner is IPSY. IPSY is an online subscription service which provides 3 million people a month with a glam bag full of surprises. Yield Growth’s products are set to be marketed inside the glam bag throughout the year. The company will also have its products featured on IPSY Shopper.

“CBD right now is the fastest growing segment of the beauty and wellness industry. So the opportunity is huge”, says White.

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