Therma Bright: Over-the-Counter Medical Devices for Dermatological Needs

Over-the-counter medical devices

Therma Bright is a progressive medical technology company. They’re focusing on providing consumers and healthcare professionals with high quality medical devices that meet their medical and health care needs. 

“People want to deal with their health issues at home. We’ve developed products that help meet that need,” says CEO, Rob Fia.

The company’s first groundbreaking proprietary technology provides effective, non-invasive, and painless skin care. Moreover, Therma Bright has been granted Class II medical device status by the FDA for its platform technology. Further, the technology is indicated for the relief of pain, itching, and inflammation from a variety of insect bites or stings. The company received FDA approval for the above claims in 1997.

In addition, Therma Bright has been working with engineers and designers to complete a prototype that will be tested for effectiveness against the Zika virus and other mosquito borne diseases. Once testing is complete the Company will seek any regulatory approvals. They will also outsource manufacturing and distribute TherOZap™ through distribution partners and online through social media channels.

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