Therma Bright: A New Approach to Skin Care

A medical device company with bright ideas

Therma Bright is a progressive medical device technology company. Currently, they’re focusing on providing consumers with quality medical devices that address their dermatological needs.

Therma Bright has spent a significant investment in intellectual property and research and development. This is for its InterceptCS™- cold sore device, the Therozap™ insect device, and will soon invest in a novel pain relief device.  Its current product lines address cold sore treatment and prevention. It also addresses the treatment of pain, itch and inflammation related to mosquito, bee, spider, mite, and jellyfish bites or stings.

Further, the Company is in the research and development stage to develop a novel device for relief of pain. This will target pain associated with back, knee or other joint pain. Moreover, they’re focused on building recurring revenue streams from its products and to incorporate intelligent technology such as AI or IoT.

Additionally, the Company holds patents pending and trademarks. These are for Therozap™ and the trademark InterceptCS™ along with regulatory approvals for its thermal therapy technology.

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