Shaking up the Cannabis Industry From Seed to Sale

In the World’s Largest Cannabis Market

TransCanna is streamlining the cannabis industry from seed to sale by acquiring brands and optimizing processes in one of the largest cannabis facilities in California. They are accessing growth in the world’s largest cannabis market.

More on TransCanna Holdings Inc.

TransCanna Holdings Inc. is a Canadian based company providing branding, transportation and distribution services to a range of industries including the cannabis marketplace.

In addition, they provide investors access to an expansive, closed loop ecosystem designed for consistency, reliability, and scale.

The company owns one of the largest vertically integrated cannabis focused facilities in California with access to over 39 million residence and 240 million visitors per year.

The future growth of TCAN in the largest cannabis market in the world represents significant upside.

TranCanna’s deep, long standing relationships in the California cannabis industry, especially with farmers, allows them access to highly sought-after biomass, and other related materials.

Transporting and distributing cannabis products in the California marketplace is extremely challenging due to municipal laws, state laws and regulations. Their approach to T&D is creating a unified network that includes at least five strategic facilities throughout the state.

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