BTV News Alert: TransCanna Holdings – Phase 1 Expansion Underway

Expansion is underway at California cannabis facility

TransCanna Holdings is a Canadian company building cannabis-focused brands for the California lifestyle through its wholly owned subsidiary Lyfted Farms. Moreover, the Lyfted Farms team has been operating in the California cannabis market for decades.

Growing, growing, growing!

TransCanna is growing rapidly, they are now scaling the company to leverage its vertically integrated cannabis facility in Modesto California. Funding and licensing are secured and phase one of four of the expansion is currently underway. This gives the Company the expansion of up to 400 percent in the most efficient facility in California. In fact, it will be one of the largest cannabis facilities in the State with access to over 39 million residents and 240 million visitors per year.

Due to the facility’s enormous size, the build out will take place in four phases. This will be over a 14-month period, in order to control costs and ensure quality. Each phase will be approximately 50,000 square feet, with phases 1 and 2 focusing on the highest margin areas; manufacturing and distribution. Each phase will be operational upon completion to generate cash flow and allow management to appropriately scale the work force and overall operations.

TransCanna’s efforts and investments are made with the mission of adding value and quality in the brands and processes they innovate, develop, and operate in the cannabis industry. The company does not seek to maintain, instead, they seek to grow. They are committed to becoming the seed of change, and to establish themselves as the highest source of quality in cannabis products, processes, distribution, and development.

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