New Listing Alert: TransCanna Holdings is on the C.S.E

TransCanna is on the CSE

BTV New Listing Alert brings in Jim Pakulis, CEO of TransCanna Holdings (TCAN:CSE) a company specialized in creating a complete self-contained ecosystem for cannabis brands.

Offering services from branding and design, to transportation and distribution, to marketing and sales, they help cannabis farmers and manufacturers get recognized by the end consumer.

Scaling up the company

With focus on the cannabis sector, the company specializes in creating a complete self-contained ecosystem for their brands.

Plans for the future include scaling the company specifically through the acquisition of a 169,000 square foot facility in Northern California and over the next two or three years acquire up to 15 brands in the California marketplace.

Why TransCanna?

Many aspects of the cannabis business need professionalization, says the CEO Jim Pakulis. An industry that will generate over $20 billion in revenue nationwide by 2020 must have efficient branding, transportation and distribution systems. TransCanna is ready to offer services throughout every aspect of the ecosystem.

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