Scott Mclean, CEO of Transition Metals, comments on 25 Exploration Projects Across Canada

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Scott Mclean, President and CEO of Transition Metals, talks about the company’s involvement with over 25 projects across Canada.

Transition is a little different than the traditional junior. We’re what we classify our business model as is a project generator. We tend to have a lot of projects and in fact we’re involved with over 25 projects across Canada. We have a real nexus of activity in Ontario with 23 of our projects being there. Also involved in Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and even one project in Minnesota. A project generator is an excellent model for exploration. It mitigates the risk by bringing partners in to fund the projects. As a result we don’t need to dilute our equity positions to be able to fund those projects. For example, we have 30 projects so we have many irons in the fire. It is a great opportunity for our investors to be involved in discoveries and we dilute our interest in that. At the point of discovery or production we’ll probably have a minority interest in those assets. Also, our shareholders will not have been significantly diluted on the equity position. So they own a bigger piece of a smaller piece of pie. As I’ve described we do have associated companies that we have spun out of the company that have been recently financed by solid investors. The valuation of our share holdings and those associated companies is currently worth more than the market capitalization of the whole enterprise under Transition Metals.

Transition Metals, Ontario

Based in Sudbury, Ontario, Transition Metals (XTM-TSX.V) is a multi-commodity exploration company using the project-generator business model. This approach maximizes shareholder exposure to discoveries and capital gain while minimizing shareholder equity dilution by selling interest in the projects rather than ownership in the Company. Funding to advance the projects and make discoveries comes from partners that receive an interest in a project in exchange for cash payments, exploration expenditures, royalties and shares. Transition Metals is committed to enhancing shareholder value by continually advancing its diverse portfolio of project toward discovery.


Transition Metals award-winning exploration team applies a proven discovery methodology that combines custom-built digital compilations, advanced 3D geoscience modeling and interpretive techniques, with rigorous fieldwork to systematically identify economically attractive targets, including many that would otherwise go undiscovered. For more information on Transition Metals (XTM:TSX.V) please fill out the form below.

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