Triella: A Full Service Technology Firm

Triella helps professional service firms manage their technology so they can focus on their businesses. The company focuses on three areas of business. First are assessments, where they go into a client, do a gap analysis between where they stand and where they should be according to best practices. Triella gives a report on their findings. Lastly, they can take that to their I.T to fix it or they can request Triella to help fix it.

A second area is private cloud for clients that are interested in more security, data residency. Thirdly, the company provides support in outsourced I.T. There, the client owns their own I.T. infrastructure. If they don’t have any I.T. people, Triella does everything. If they have one, two or three I.T. people, then Triella tends to be more strategic and the internal I.T. people work on desktop and user related issues.

Triella aims to be the go to I.T. company in southern Ontario for professional service firms. Success is about a string of very small changes that all get made to deliver a great solution. For the last 15 years, the company has been continuously improving the way in which they deliver service so that they can consistently deliver great service to their clients.

Tailor Made Tech Solutions

Triella was born on June 4, 2004 with a bold vision of facilitating technology transformations that drive and support business success for small and medium-sized companies.

The company is a full-service technology firm helping clients to maintain and enhance their underlying technology and consulting.

Their team brings the vision to life by setting high standards for client service, delivery and implementation.

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