Trulieve: A Medical Cannabis Leader in Florida

Medical Cannabis as an Alternative to Opioid Use

“Patients are turning to medical marijuana as an alternative to opioid use. Trulieve’s goal is to create a national brand.  What excites me the most is the ability to take what we’ve done in Florida and show it off to the world. Trulieve is a company in the cannabis space that does have profitable growth.” – Kim Rivers, CEO of Trulieve Cannabis Corp.

Trulieve is Poised for Growth

Trulieve’s the first and leading medical cannabis company in the state of Florida, the third most populous state in the United States. Its vertically-integrated “seed-to-sale” operation has approximately 65% of the Florida market.

With a patient base that grows approximately 10% month-to-month, it is poised for growth in this attractive market. The company boasts over 150 SKUs and is constantly adding new, fresh, and exciting items to its product line.

Its widespread dispensary network and large delivery fleet provides important, much-needed access to thousands of patients every day throughout the state.

Trulieve is committed to growing its dispensary footprint in the state, constantly identifying new locations that will bring them closer to patients throughout the state, allowing many more people to have easier access to the medicine they need.

Their first mover advantage in the state provides numerous benefits, including brand recognition and media attention. Strong financial performance, driven by sales to a loyal and dedicated group of patients affectionately called Trulievers, positions the company’s commitment to continue its pattern of growth.

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