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CEO of Uniserve Communications Corp., Nicholas Jeffery, speaks about importance of voice, media and data solutions.  And how their customer service sets them apart.

About Uniserve Communications Corp

We provide voice, media and data solutions. And you’ll see those solutions, they either manifest themselves a small room or a small office or a small building or even a small city. So we’ll do security, storage, internet connectivity, cloud and even the blockchain. So, the difference between us and everybody else is really customer service. Everything else around technology is sort of the same. But when it comes down to it, IT will go wrong, I guarantee it will go wrong and it’s really, really good to find an organization that can actually help you when it does go wrong. That’s I think the difference. One of the interesting challenge is that we’re finding in Canada as opposed to Europe is Canadians have a concept that Canadians and Canadian companies don’t get hacked. I’m too small, I won’t get hacked. So we’re trying to do is educate from the ground up that you need to have big enterprise concept even at home. You’ve got everything on your laptop I guarantee it’s not backed up and you can’t remember the password. I want to be seen as the go to provider. So as we enter 2018, I think you’ll see more acquisitions in a managed service environment. You’ll see us deepen the relationship we have in geographies like Waterloo and also Calgary and I think you’ll see the company grow rapidly. Uniserve TV lets you choose the channels that best fit your lifestyle. What’s more, it’s powered by Apple TV, which means access to hundreds of streaming Apps like Netflix, and YouTube, as well as a powerful, intuitive interface that enables you to leverage our platform and build a smarter home.

High-quality, reliable digital phone services.

  • Great international long distance rates
  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • 11 calling features

Internet solutions designed to fit your home:

  • With no contracts, no caps and no hidden fees, unlike the big guys, our quoted internet price is what you actually pay. Period.
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