Unisync: A Successful Pivot to PPE Products

Revenues approaching 100 million dollars

Unisync is a vertically integrated North American company with exceptional capabilities in garment design, domestic and offshore manufacturing, warehousing and distribution. They also offer the industry’s best customer-centric online ordering, distribution and program management system. The Company ensures personnel always receives the right uniform in the right size at the right time. Further, the Company currently ships over 4 million items annually to over 650,000 end users worldwide. 

Moreover, Unisync’s business consists of designing, manufacturing and procurement of workplace uniforms, operational clothing and accessories. They do so for a wide range of large organizations: military, law enforcement, first responders, government departments, Crown corporations, airlines, retail, food service and worldwide hospitality chains. With long-term contracts and a successful pivot to PPE related products, Unisync’s revenues are approaching one hundred million dollars.

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