UpHabit: An App for Building Personal Relationships

Neil Wainwright, Founder and CEO of UpHabit speaks about their App which allows users to grow and maintain relationships

UpHabit is a personal relationship App. It’s all about putting your contacts together in one place and allowing you to act on them. It allows you to grow your network and create stronger connections with the people who matter to you most. You can do things such as set reminders. For example, you can set a reminder to talk to someone on a monthly basis or every three months. It allows you to make notes about people and can create tags to categorize them.

“It’s all really easy and simple in a very privacy focused mobile app. At UpHabit, our customers are our customers. We’re not putting ads in front of them. We’re not doing anything with their data other than use it in service to them and their accounts”, says Wainwright.

Private and Ad Free

UpHabit runs a subscription based model for a reason. They believe that, the user is the customer, not the product, and certainly not someone to advertise to.

The company also set user privacy as a top priority. They promise that the only thing they do with your data is help you organize and act on it, never share it.

“The wonderful thing about UpHabit is it helps me make sure that no one ever slips through the cracks. UpHabit is for busy people that want to build better relationships”, says Wainwright.

For more information on UpHabit please visit their website at uphabit.com.