Private Equity With Liquidity

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Thomas S. Caldwell, President of Urbana Corporation, on the opportunity to diversify portfolios through private equity with liquidity.

Urbana Corp. combines private equity investments with public shares. We have permanent capital so we can take a long view and are really coming into companies that are being nurtured, built and growing. So the combination is very powerful. And the beauty of it is people can buy shares in Urbana at a discount from the asset value and they always have liquidity, they can buy and sell shares whenever they want. So you get private equity with liquidity that doesn’t exist anywhere else. We don’t invest in pre revenue companies. We can come in when you need money you need money for expansion when you’re it’s too early for you to go public. Urbana Corporation is a one off organization. You’re buying assets at a significant discount and those assets have been growing at over 16 percent per year. After all costs, after taxes for the last 15 years and you’re getting a chance to participate in pre IPO, that is private companies before they become public. And we have investments all around the world. Real Matters is a company that just went public. We were a significant investor in that company in the tens of millions of dollars. So it’s a way of having a unique opportunity to participate in private equity at a discount with liquidity. And I think management that has shown itself to be experienced, professional and getting results. Urbana Corporation is an investment company with current interests across the financial services sector from exchanges to banks to broker dealers and investment managers. Urbana has the scope to invest in any sector in any region. The goal of Urbana Corporation is to generate long term asset growth through a combination of public and private investments. The mix of an actively managed, liquid portfolio with private equity investments ensures non committed assets are productively employed as we seek out and evaluate opportunities in the non public sphere. Many of the latter investments take time to mature and typically encompass high risk/high return characteristics. Urbana Corporation, as a result of its permanent capital base, has both the scope and flexibility to act quickly as opportunities arise. For more information on Urbana Corporation (URB.TO) please fill out the form below.

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