Adriaan Bakker, CEO of Vanadium Corp, On High Grade Vanadium

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CEO of Vanadium Corp, Adriaan Bakker, on new green vanadium process and its alternative power uses

As new power sources continue to rise in usage, Adriaan Bakker, CEO of Vanadium Corp, considers vanadium batteries to be “the next wave” in power storage

“Vanadium is a particularly intriguing metal as it is the only metal that can conduct electricity and not generate heat. It doesn’t catch fire or explode which is a pretty bad thing if you’ve got an electric car,” Bakker explained. Further, Vanadium Corp intends to become the leading vanadium supplier to the vanadium battery market various types energy storage. “Particularly with grid storage, renewable power, load leveling for cities, micro grids this is where vanadium batteries shine,” said Bakker. “There’s a really big buzz with Vanadium with the rare earth rush that happened a number of years ago.” The Quebec based companies newest breakthrough is a 100 per cent green recovery process of the metal, replacing a way that is pollutant and low recovery. “Recently, we filed a US provisional patent on an exclusive processing technology so we can directly produce Vanadium electrolyte. No smelting or roasting required which is a pretty big breakthrough in the vanadium business in general,” Bakker said. The current vanadium is controlled largely by the steel industry as the mineral is the cheapest and easiest way to strengthen steel. For more information on VanadiumCorp (VRB.V) please fill out the form below.

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