Peter Smyrniotis: Investors Can Profit From Blockchain Growth

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Director of Victory Square Technologies, Peter Smyrniotis. On the company’s plans to capture part of the 200 billion dollars of blockchain opportunities.

Victory Square Technologies is a investment portfolio organization that also provides venture building capabilities. Areas of focus includes above all AR, VR, media, entertainment, sports and more currently and more recently an operating a blockchain. Which we’ve been doing for about three years in one form or another. Blockchain has become a rallying point for technology ventures to focus their endeavors. The key reason is it watching fundamentally as a protocol and it’s a protocol. That allowed the second generation of the Internet to become dynamic, real, transparent and immutable. All the associated benefits ago with that. Vancouver has been a home and hotbed for technology companies for some time. And Victory Square is very happy to be part of that ecosystem and driving that initiative for ourselves. More importantly what makes us unique is the fact that our management team has expertise. That is cumulative and delivering revenue, value creation and accessing blockchain opportunities going back for more than four years. What we’ve recognized at Victory Square is that 2017 has been a preamble to 2018. What we mean by that is that there’s been approximately 200 billion dollars of blockchain enabled market opportunities in play. We’re seeing speculative information coming in that the size of the blockchain and crypto space in 2018 will be closer to two trillion dollars. So as far as we’re concerned we’re catching the early wave. And we are well prepared and well aligned with the right partners globally. To access those market opportunities to deliver killer value to our clients and to our investors.

About Victory Square Technologies (VST.CN)

The company incubates and invests in game-changing entrepreneurs. Innovation is at the core of what we do. We believe great companies are built from experimentation of bold ideas. At VST, entrepreneurs have access to our education programs, global network of mentors, distribution partners, creative workspaces, resources. And operational support to help them scale internationally. We recognize that blockchain is the next major platform for innovation and is the new key technology. That it has the ability to change the way both business and social structures interconnect and operate. Blockchain is reliable and available, transparent, immutable, irrevocable, and digital. It’s a disruptive technology because of the ability to digitize, decentralize, secure and incentivize the validation of transactions. We are using our expertise at company building to identify, incubate, advise and invest in the best blockchain entrepreneurs. Launching the new technology market leaders of the future. For more information on Victory Square Technologies (VST.CN) please fill out the form below.