Darryl Jones CEO of Voltaic Minerals on plans for lithium in North America

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The current market for lithium is very promising and a lot of companies are benefiting from it. President and CEO Darryl Jones tells what makes Voltaic different in such a crowded market. Voltaic Minerals is a lithium exploration company based in Vancouver with 100% ownership of the Green Energy Project.

The Green Energy Project

Located near the Cane Creek Potash Solution Mine South of Moab, the project encompasses a total of 4,160 acres in the Paradox Basin of Utah, USA. First of all, the project itself is very different because of the historic work that’s been done. Historic oil and gas exploration has given way to a super saturated brine system, with over 40% dissolved solids and high lithium values. The main commodity there is lithium, but it is a very rich brine with potassium, calcium, magnesium, boron and bromine.  Consequently, any one of those could be economic. The close proximity to rail head, power and paved roads,  the immense amount of infrastructure and some extremely strong shareholders made things a lot easier for the company. The next steps for this project will include detailed well log data manipulation to identify definitive drill targets for a bulk sampling work program.

New Technologies and Partnerships

Voltaic has teamed up with some bright chemists funded by the Department of Energy to develop new technologies. As a result, it has begun working on new membrane technologies and nano filtration to put together a process to unlock more lithium reserves that are currently unavailable. Likewise, it has begun working on process design. Since this is such a complex brine, the company believes it will be possible to aggregate other projects and consequently add more to its portfolio.

The Green Revolution in Battery Technology

Similarly, Voltaic has commenced development and optimization of a lithium extraction process with Lithium Selective Technologies, Inc. The idea is to produce lithium carbonate from non-conventional lithium-bearing brine for end users. The intention is to advance the Green Energy Project and Selective Lithium process simultaneously to provide access to the green revolution in battery technology.
The lithium brine to be processed will be synthetically formulated to match the metallurgy of the Green Energy brine. The goal for Voltaic Minerals is to advance both project and process to produce a 100 kg customer qualification sample. And at the same time, have a revolutionary lithium processing technique, which is commercially viable for impurity rich non-conventional lithium brine. For more information on Voltaic Minerals Corporation (VLT.V) please fill out the form below.

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