Voyageur Pharmaceuticals: From the Earth to the Bottle

Radiocontrast products critical to medical imaging

Voyageur Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (previously Voyageur Minerals Ltd.) is focusing on the development of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) minerals. Using its own mineral resources, Voyageur Pharmaceuticals makes radiocontrast products critical to medical imaging.  

Voyageur is also focused on the development of barite and iodine API minerals for the pharmaceutical market. Further, their goal is to generate positive cash flow from operations through its joint venture with Chief Medical Supply Ltd. – Alberta’s only GMP pharmaceutical manufacturer. Moreover, the joint venture contemplates turnkey manufacturing, bottling and distribution of barium radiopharmaceuticals for MRI, X-ray and CT scan applications.

The Company also contemplates extending the joint venture to encompass planned Health Canada registration applications for iodine and bromine products, also for medical applications. Voyageur owns 100% interest in three barium sulfate (“Barite”) deposits including two properties suitable in grade for the industrial barite marketplace, and interests in a high-grade iodine, lithium & bromine brine project in Utah, USA.

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