Wayland Group Expand Upto 217,000 square foot Cannabis Facility

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Wayland Group has expanded from a two acre property to a 217,000 square foot cannabis facility in just five years

Maricann Group Inc. (CSE:MARI) (OTCQB:MRRCF) (FRANKFURT:75M) announced that it intends to change its name to Wayland Group Corp. In the interim, the company expects to commence operating through its subsidiaries under the business named “Wayland Group”. In anticipation of the proposed name change, the company has also announced that, effective September 25, 2018, its ticker symbol on the Canadian Securities Exchange will be “WAYL”. Wayland Group Inc. is a publicly traded medical cannabis company, serving thousands of patients. To elevate offerings and prepare for growth into the adult-use cannabis, and ultimately into mature and developing cannabis marketing worldwide, the company is expanding cultivation, extraction, analytics and production facilities. With dedication to quality, integrity, authenticity, approachability and innovation, the company strives to exceed expectations and industry standards.

Going Green

Energy efficiency is at the core of everything, from natural gas co‐generation electricity to gathering rainwater from the roofs. The company drives energy efficiencies throughout production processes to save time and money. Growing under glass – through high‐efficiency windows – means harnessing solar energy with the full colour spectrum of the sun. This lowers carbon footprint, while increasing yield. The company also uses CO2 to heat water and floors, as well as pumping CO2 back into the greenhouses, where it acts as a natural booster to the growth cycle. As a result, they grow cleaner and larger plants. Being so energy efficient allows them to be a low‐cost, high‐quality producer in a market that rarely sees that combination. For more information on Wayland Group (WAYL:CSE) please fill out the for below.

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