High Capacity Cannabis Extraction

“We truly believe that we have the most advanced extraction and processing technology in the market.” Rosy Mondin, CEO of World Class Extractions.

World Class chose to go into extraction as that, to them, was the future of the industry. It was then that they set out to design their first extraction equipment called The Boss. It is a CO2, cannabis oil extraction machine that has a capacity of fifty thousand kilos of biomass per year.

The Beast is their ethanol extractor and that one runs approximately one million kilos of capacity of biomass per year. According to Rosy, people are just not smoking cannabis joints anymore. They are looking to the value adds. That may come in the form of vape pens, capsules, topicals or whatever that product might be. The processes that they’ve been working on will create these value added oils to be used in all these different ancillary cannabis products.

Strategic Partners

World Class is partnering up with those who are already in stream for a license or have a license for extraction. Therefore, then can set up processing facilities with them. World Class is excited to work with strategic and brand partners to make their products and get them out into the marketplace.

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