World Class Extractions Offers Advanced Systems and Processing Solutions

High capacity cannabis and hemp extraction equipment.

World Class Extractions (CSE: PUMP) is a Canadian publicly traded company with vertically integrated subsidiaries specializing in cannabis and hemp extraction, processing, and product development. Their vision is to become an international leader and developer of advanced industrial scale extraction systems, technologies and processes to produce high-margin, quality cannabis products and premium consumer brands.

Their current focus is on establishing extraction & processing facilities with strategic partners to extract their product in house where they also engage in third party toll processing and contract manufacturing for others.

World Class Extractions has strategically invested in technology innovation, R&D and strategic partnership development to garner firsthand experience that has allowed them to overcome challenges faced by the industry. By leveraging hands-on experience and the expertise of their diversified team, they provide unparalleled insight and solutions in a rapidly evolving and dynamic industry.

They proudly design and manufacture their advanced extraction units in-house with the help of their talented engineering, scientific and research team. World Class Extractions delivers streamlined, cost effective and innovative solutions to help licensed growers, producers and processors develop market ready products all to achieve quicker ROI. Their systems are designed to GPP standards & are GMP compliant. All these advantages including their pricing gives them a leading edge over their competitors.

To this date, they have announced four different extraction systems:

• The BOSS CO2 Extraction System (50,000 kg of biomass / year)
• The BIG BOSS co-solvent Extraction System (500,000 kg of biomass / year)
• The BEAST Ethanol Extraction System (1,000,000 kg of biomass / year)
• The BIG BEAST Ethanol Extraction System (5,000,000 kg of biomass / year)

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