Meet “The Boss”: Leading Edge Cannabis Extraction Equipment

The Boss- Single Step Production Mobile Extraction

The Boss is made for cannabis extraction. Producing an oil for a vape pen or oils that go into capsules all required different processes. World Class Extractions knew that concentrating the product is where the future was going to be. Their equipment is leading edge and they are excited to start processing.

World-Class Extractions provides precision single step production mobile extraction systems. They use patent pending technologies that produce higher yields of crude at faster rates.

World-Class Extractions can save its clients floor space, process fees, utility fees, equipment cost and more. This includes minimizing by-product plant biomass produced and materials used in extraction recovery.

Who uses the World-Class Extractions technology?

Hemp farmers can use the World-Class Extractions systems on-site, creating high quality crude at their facility without the need for shipping raw plant material. This saves time, money, and waste material can then be deposited directly back into farming for animal bedding, mulch/compost material, insulation and more.

Licensed Cannabis Producers need high quality extraction systems to process plant material into oil fast and efficiently. Their systems can be installed onsite for batch processing of raw plant material. Also, their mobile continuous flow system can be transported to different greenhouse locations therefore, saving the producer shipping costs and purchase of several extraction machines to run multiple facilities.

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