Virtual Reality: A 17 Billion Dollar Market in 2018 | Ydreams Global | BTV

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Spending on virtual reality is projected to surpass seventeen billion dollars in 2018. YDreams has worked with multiple Fortune 100 Companies like Coca-Cola and Disney. We intend to expand our immersive VR gaming platform worldwide.

About YDreams Global

YDreams Global is a multidisciplinary group that unites sensory technology, integrated narratives and transformative design. We work hard to enable  the most daring dreams to happen. We are able to identify daring dreams, create innovative concepts, develop and deliver with international excellence. In other words all of this aiming for a positive impact on people and the planet. During the World Cup, all sponsoring companies seek to create striking presence to gain a place in the memory and hearts of their consumers. Making a difference and stand out in the midst of so many great brand actions is a great challenge. It requires a lot of creativity, hard work, innovative ideas and a bit of daring. That’s why Coca-Cola has decided to call Ydreams together to bring to one of the biggest sporting events in the world. This is the best and most powerful joint activation action the brand has ever made on the planet. For more information on Ydreams Global (YD:TSX.V) please fill out the form below.

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