ZEN Graphene Solutions: A Leader in Graphene R&D

Graphene-based nanomaterial products and applications

ZEN Graphene Solutions is an emerging advanced materials and graphene development company. They’re focusing on new solutions using pure graphene and other two-dimensional materials. Further, the Company is in its second year of environmental assessment at its Albany Deposit in Northern Ontario.

Albany Pure™ Graphite

Markedly, ZEN Graphene Products are all made exclusively from Albany Pure™ Graphite, sourced from the Albany deposit. Moreover, the project provides the company with a potential long-term competitive advantage in the graphene market.

The unique genesis of the Albany deposit has resulted in very fine-grained graphite crystallites, which yields an ideal graphite material for conversion to high-value Albany Pure™ Graphene products. Additionally, these products include graphene, graphene oxide and graphene quantum dots for use in a wide variety of applications including graphene-enhanced composite materials, batteries, coatings and lubricants.

“We recently opened our web store. It is now selling our Albany Pure Graphene Oxide. We have a complete vertical integration from basically dirt in the ground to a functionalized graphene in an end product.”, says CEO and Director, Dr. Francis Dube.

Why Graphene?

Graphene is the lightest and thinnest material known. It is 200 times stronger than steel. It’s also the best heat-and-electricity conducting material discovered to date with 10x the conductivity of copper and 1000x the current capacity of copper.

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