Zenabis is a Key Player in the Global Cannabis Market

Management Team with Diverse Expertise

Zenabis has a management team with diverse expertise in plant cultivation, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and more. The company has over 700 employees. Zenabis has a commitment to transparency, strong leadership and continued growth.

Furthermore, they own and have access to 660,000 square feet of high quality indoor facility space. And 2.1 million square feet of greenhouse space which, if fully converted, can be dedicated to cannabis production.

Zenabis is Focused on Corporate Social Responsibility

The company’s Basic Green Program has a commitment to sustainability, practiced at all of their facilities and corporate offices. This includes:

  • Maintaining rainwater collection initiative
  • Reduced consumer packaging
  • Reduced carbon footprint by decreasing incoming packaging materials and increasing density of outgoing freight loads

In addition, Zenabis is a member of the Global Cannabis Partnership, a collaboration among government, industry, and stakeholders to develop a global social responsibility standard for the cannabis industry.

The company makes sure to act with integrity while respecting all laws and regulations governing the cannabis industry and the local communities they operate in.

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