Adastra Labs: State-of-the-Art Cannabis Extraction Facility

Initial due diligence complete for the acquisition of Phyto Extractions Brands 

Adastra Labs Holdings is a Langley, BC-based cannabis company. They also have a co-located Health Canada Licensed Standard Processing Facility and Analytical Testing Laboratory. Adastra can produce cannabis extract through supercritical CO2 extraction and secondary distillation as well as conduct in-process quality testing. Moreover, such extracts can easily be incorporated into edibles, beverages, topicals, tinctures, vape cartridges and other products that will serve the Canadian medical and adult-use cannabis markets.

Adastra has also announced the completion of initial due diligence for the acquisition of Phyto Extractions Brands. Phyto Extractions has trademarked 21 design and wordmarks associated with their cannabis concentrates and two for CBD-related concentrates in Canada, as well as submitted trademark protection in the U.S.

Adastra believes that there is more than just science for cannabis extraction. Its business strategy bridges a gap between cultivators and product formulation. They understand that there’s an art to the process, and believe that they’ve refined it. That’s why their facilities are designed with a long-term mindset to meet GMP standards in North America and internationally. 

The company’s extraction methodologies and industry-leading equipment are designed to meet product development requirements.

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