American Aires: Protection Against Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation

Technology to reduce harmful radiation emitted from common electronic devices

The primary goal of American Aires is to develop and realize innovative, high-tech devices that are ecologically friendly as well as beneficial for modern man. Importantly, the company’s focusing on developing technologies that minimize the harmful effects of and control the electromagnetic fields that surround most modern electronic devices. Markedly, nearly every piece of technology that we use in our modern society emits EMR or electromagnetic radiation. The amount of it has risen exponentially in the last thirty to forty years.

Device Protection

The Aires Shield Pro designed to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by data transmitting electronic devices. These devices include; Cell Phones, Cordless Phones, Bluetooth Earpieces, Bluetooth headsets, Computers, Laptops, Monitors, Smart TVs, Smart Meters, Wi-Fi Routers, etc.

Further, at the heart of the Aires Shield Pro is a 3rd generation patented silicon based Aires microprocessor – an etched fractal diffraction nano matrix that triggers the forward – and inverse Fourier transformation of the electromagnetic radiation it interacts with.

Personal Protection

Aires Defender and Aires Defender Infinity are to be used on the person. This is for universal protection from electromagnetic radiation pollution which comes from widely spread personal communication devices, power lines as well as cellular towers.

Area Protection

Aires Defender Automotive is to be used as an area protection from electromagnetic radiation pollution coming from WiFi, GPS, bluetooth, cellular and satellite radio found in your vehicle, home or office.

Moreover, the technology behind the Company’s products have won numerous awards, gold medals and certificates since the year 2000. The first award was a gold medal in achievement at the Brussels Eureka Innovations Show in Brussels, Belgium in 2002. There have also been several awards since relating to the Company’s technology and products.

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