BevCanna: Infused Beverage Experts

“I’m very confident in our ability to be a global leader in the infused cannabis beverage space based on decades of experience…” – Emma Andrews, Chief Commercialization Officer at BevCanna.

BevCanna creates manufacturers and distributes infused beverage products with water soluble cannabinoids under their own house brands, as well as for white label partners. And this includes everything from conceptualization through the formulation and packaging within multiple product types.

The company also launched a diverse range of highly-customizable products that appeal to a variety of target markets – from value, to craft and premium positioning.

They intend to distribute and commercialize their own brands in California as well as Canada to start.

Being a white label manufacturer means that BevCanna has multiple revenue streams

They are focused on innovation. BevCanna launches dynamic brands while actively exploring new brand acquisitions and strategic partnerships.

BevCanna works with established and experienced beverage experts. Moreover, the company creates and manufactures existing global brands that resonate with consumers on a mass scale. They have experience with functional beverages, plant based nutrition and global alcohol brands.

The company has got an eye on the global landscape as legalization expands. BevCanna is actively looking at joint venture licensing and acquisition opportunities with market proven and validated technology and products.

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