BIGG Digital Assets: A Safe Way to Buy, Sell & Spend Crypto

Making crypto easy and safe for Canadians

BIGG Digital Assets Inc. owns, operates and invests in crypto businesses that support and enhance a compliant and regulated ecosystem. Moreover, the company has a unique play with two businesses that work together and are both scalable globally. BIGG has a blockchain forensics business with the Blockchain Intelligence Group, as well as a trading platform that they can scale globally with Netcoins.

Blockchain Intelligence Group

One of Blockchain Intelligence Group’s projects is called QLUE™. Are you having trouble fighting terrorist financing, money laundering, human trafficking, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, or other cyber crimes? QLUE™ enables investigators to quickly and visually “follow the virtual money” behind Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions. “Our largest customer is the US government. We work with them to help them track the movement of Crypto involved in everything from basic illegal activity all the way up to weapons purchases,” says Chief Executive Officer & Director, Mark Binns.

Another product is called BitRank. It helps reduce risk when dealing with cryptocurrency transactions or wallets. BitRank Verified’s easy-to-understand transaction risk score also helps you meet regulatory compliance.


Netcoins is a cryptocurrency exchange focused on the Canadian market, making crypto easy and safe for Canadians. Furthermore, users can access online 24/7 through a web or mobile browser at

“Investors in the crypto forensics market see the value of companies like ours and believe the space is growing to hundreds of millions of dollars annually,” says Binns.

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