Boosh Food: On a Plant-Based Comfort Food Mission

Ready-to-eat vegan food supplier

Boosh Plant-Based Brands Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Boosh Food, is the gateway to experiencing high-quality, non-GMO, gluten-free, 100% plant-based nutritional comfort foods for the whole family. They currently offer six frozen meals which are sold throughout Canada, and now we’re expanding our meals to include three refrigerated products. Boosh, good for you and good for planet earth.

Connie Marples

Connie has been receiving food-oriented awards for over 20 years and continues to win awards with Boosh, where she’s driving plant-food innovation and setting a standard of high quality and healthy frozen meals. Her foray into the food industry was not by chance, as she has always enjoyed sharing new recipes and healthier alternatives with family and friends for years. She would often deliver frozen or hot meals within her close circle who encouraged her to expand her great flavours to a broader audience. 

“We’re looking at what holes need to be filled in the industry and we’re bringing the team together that knows how to do it. We’re ready to scale. We’re out there and we’re expanding very rapidly. Lots of exciting things to come and wonderful opportunities ahead.”
– President & Founder, Connie Marples

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