Data Science Offers Dividend Growth for the Digital Age

Bristol Gate has generated success by adding new tools to the investment management toolbox.

Bristol Gate uses data science techniques along with fundamental analysis to construct high dividend growth portfolios.

Their main focus is to reduce risk and improve returns. They strive to do this while avoiding any bias in the process. This evidence-based approach allows them to make investment decisions to deliver superior results for clients.

Moreover, they aim is to provide investors with a broad, diversified range of investment tools to meet their portfolio objectives in a variety of market conditions.

“In a world where data is being created at a rate that it’s hard to understand how big it is, you need to have some kind of data science capabilities ” – Michael Capombassis

Data science is a multidisciplinary blend of data inference, algorithm development, and technology.

Bristol Gate is broadly in the dividend space. They run dividend growth strategies by incorporating a combination of A.I. and machine learning. Then they use rigorous Fundamental Analysis to confirm the evidence and manage the risk.

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