Cannara Biotech’s Largest Indoor Cannabis Facility in Quebec

A One of a Kind Indoor Cultivation Facility

At Cannara, innovation spells LOVE for cannabis and cannabis infused products. Rapid growth is expected using vertically integrated technology and a one of a kind indoor cultivation facility. At 625,000 square feet, it’s the largest in Quebec.

Cannara Biotech is building one of the largest indoor cannabis cultivation facility (625,000 square foot) in Canada and the largest in Quebec. Leveraging Quebec’s low electricity costs, Cannara Biotech’s facility will produce high-grade indoor cannabis and cannabis-infused products for the Canadian and international markets. Most recently, the Company entered the U.S. CBD-hemp market with an online eCommerce platform called, which will also make the Company an aggregator of U.S. CBD-hemp products.

Cannara has assembled a team of cannabis growing leaders with 50+ years of MMAR & MMPR experience. Their expertise in indoor system design, production, nutrition and crop management has been illustrated through average yields of 3 lbs per light.

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