Captor Capital: A Cannabis Focused Investment Firm

Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail

Captor Capital is a cannabis focused investment firm aiming to acquire leading companies across the cannabis industry.

The company operates in a vertically integrated seed to sale strategy that involves cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and retail locations. Recent acquisitions include Chai Cannabis and the Green Buddha Group.

With a growing presence in California and Michigan, Captor Capital is working to expand across the U.S. with focus on growth and robust returns to shareholders.

Captor Capital: A Leading Producer of Superior Cannabis

Captor cultivates, manufactures and distributes recreational and medical marijuana based products to consumers, through their leading brands and dispensary retail stores.

The company is a leading producer and marketer of superior cannabis for recreational and medical use. Captor’s primary focus is to provide customers with easy access to a wide selection of products supported by excellent service.

Their stores are stylish, comfortable and designed for enjoyment. In addition, they have a diverse team ready to answer any questions and help customers have the best experience possible.

Captor also invests in high technology production facilities to grow and harvest superior cannabis. By following the whole process, it can assure quality, safety and supply of their medical and recreational medical cannabis.

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