Clean Seed Capital: Where Technology Meets Agriculture

Innovative disruptive agricultural technologies  

Clean Seed Capital is a group of innovators and business management professionals with a proven track record of game changing innovation and production of patented agricultural technologies at an incredibly high level. The company prides itself as progressive pioneers. They’ve designed, patented and are now launching a disruptive technology that fulfills new demand for sustainable regenerative agriculture.  

About SMART Seeder MAX

Clean Seed’s SMART Seeding and planting technologies are revolutionary commercial scale seeding and planting tools. In fact, they utilize the unique synergy of proprietary sophisticated electronic metering and intuitive software controls in unison with it’s patented ground engaging technology (The whole system) delivering row-by-row variable rate multiple product application technology for farming operations. This positions Clean Seed at the forefront of agricultural innovation.  

The 2021 Commercial Launch machine is their SMART Seeder MAX™ Technology. This flagship technology applies precise rates for up to five different products, independently at each opener over the span of the entire drill. Moreover, placement and volume accuracy of nutrients and seeds is key to the quality of all crops and overall yield results while dramatically reducing operating costs.

Additionally, environmental concerns to address climate change through carbon capture is a natural by-product of the approach to the whole system Clean Seed developed and looks to be a game changer.   

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