Delta 9: Expansion Across Western Canada

A proprietary growing platform and plans for more expansion across Western Canada

Delta 9 Cannabis is a vertically integrated cannabis company focused on bringing the highest quality cannabis products to market. The company sells cannabis products through its wholesale and retail sales channels. They also sell its cannabis grow pods to other businesses.

While Delta 9 operates four of their own stores in Manitoba their products actually have a much broader footprint. Over Q4 last year, they expanded to be in every single store in the province of Manitoba. “We’ve now branched out into all of Western Canada”, says CEO, John Arbuthnot. He adds, “We will continue that approach of building cultivation and distribution capacity and then entering new provincial markets as we’re able to from a capacity standpoint. I think it’s the focus on that incremental or phased expansion strategy that’s going to continue to be successful for us moving forward”.

Proprietary Grow Pod Systems

While the company is mainly focused on craft-grown, hand-trimmed, high-quality cannabis strains at a large scale, with over 20 genetically unique strains in its current offering, the business isn’t the only thing that is growing. Delta 9 also provides complete start-up materials and supports to new and existing licensed producers.  They help with everything from Genetics (plants) and Grow Pods to consulting services. Delta 9 helps other LP’s get their start, all while providing alternate sources of revenue for the company. 

Delta 9’s proprietary Grow Pod systems have revealed another unique revenue channel for the company.  The built-in-house pods are modular, scalable, stackable, and now, available for purchase. The Grow Pod systems utilize Delta 9’s standardized hydroponic growing methodologies. They allow for complete climate control and vertical space utilization, with built-in risk mitigation measures. Vertical space utilization can double or triple production space as the Grow Pods can be stacked upon one another, the ceiling is the limit. The self-contained Grow Pods prevent the spread of contaminants such as mites or powdery mildew, thus preventing catastrophic and expensive crop failures.  The Pods, while economical for Delta 9 to produce in their facility, hold great earning potential for the company.

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