Diagnos: Using AI to Analyze the Retina

Starting clinical trials with the second largest hospital group in the U.S.

Diagnos is an AI company. They have been a leader in artificial intelligence and healthcare technical services since 2001. Their company mission is to develop AI tools to assist healthcare professionals in the detection of critical health issues.

Further, they have a team with over 50 years of combined experience working on artificial intelligence. They employ experts in the fields of healthcare, various scientists, and technical experts with advanced academic degrees.


They have a product called Cara used for computer-assisted retinal analyses. What this product does is automatically analyze the retina, and it can spot damage caused by diabetes or cardiovascular issues. That said, Cara can actually save someone from going blind.

“I think we can actually prove to the world that what we do is sustainable and that we’re going to grow.” – CEO, André Larente.

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