Doxim: A Leader in Customer Communications

Doxim is the customer communications and engagement technology leader serving financial and regulated markets. The company helps financial institutions deliver and communicate to their customers more efficiently and more effectively than through traditional methods.

In the financial services marketplace, oftentimes there’s a big gap in being able to deliver timely, accurate information. Therefore, Doxim helps solve that need. They also, help the organizations manage all of their compliance requirements to communicate financial information in an appropriate manner through whatever channel the consumer would like to receive those documents.

Expanding Their Capabilities

Doxim has almost five hundred employees serving customers in Canada and the United States from coast to coast.

The company is currently working on expanding their capabilities and offerings in the core markets that they serve. In order to do this, they are continuing investments in technology, investments in people and investments in process. This delivers on their brand promise that is made to all of their clients. Doxim plans on continuing to expand their products and technology solutions in the North American marketplace.

The Doxim Customer Engagement Platform helps financial institutions digitize their client experience, communicate more effectively throughout the client lifecycle and improve cross-sell and upsell activities to drive increased wallet share.

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