Edgewater Wireless: Revolutionizing the Wi-Fi Market

Revolutionizing the 33 Billion dollar Wi-Fi market with patented solutions and IP

There are 8 billion Wi-Fi devices in use today, and 3 billion new Wi-Fi devices were added over the last 12-months. Wi-Fi is ubiquitous, connecting everything from smartphones, iPads, and laptops to a growing number of other devices like cameras, thermostats, and even light bulbs.  By 2021, forecasts indicate the market will reach 3.5 devices and connections per capita. 

Explosive growth in Wi-Fi means more devices demanding more connections, higher capacity usage and increased interference.  According to many Cable Operators and Telcos, Wi-Fi accounts for up to 40% of customer care calls as has become a foundational service offering carrying latency-sensitive traffic.

Legacy, Single-Channel Wi-Fi

Since the inception of Wi-Fi 1999, it has relied on the same approach or single-channel radio architecture.  The legacy, single-channel radio architecture was not designed to withstand the challenges of the modern wireless world and has created an environment ripe for disruption.

Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing

A revolutionary approach, In-Band Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing allows spectrum to be divided into multiple, concurrent channels of Transmit (Tx) and Receive (Rx) within a single coverage area, creating the robust, scalable platform for solving the exponential growth in Wi-Fi.

The industry leader in Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing, Edgewater’s MCSR™ silicon solutions and patent licensing are a revolutionary approach, engineered to reduce interference, add capacity and grow density substantially.  Proven in major enterprises and service providers, Edgewater’s disruptive approach to Wi-Fi has captured strong industry validation from CableLabs UpRamp; Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA); IEEE; Comcast, Nokia, Mediacom and Kroger Corporation.

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