Eloro Resources: 2 Projects in World-Class Jurisdictions

CEO of Eloro Resources, Thomas Larsen, talks about their unique assets in Bolivia and Peru.

Eloro Resources Ltd. has two projects in world-class jurisdictions, one in Bolivia and its neighboring country, Peru. Also, the company is about to commence with a maiden underground drilling campaign at its Iska Iska project.

“I founded a company called Champion Minerals, which today is over a billion-dollar market cap, says CEO of Eloro Resources, Thomas Larsen. “We’re back at it with Eloro Resources, we’re in a very unique situation.”

Iska Iska

The Iska Iska project is a road-accessible, royalty-free property. Eloro owns 99% of the property. Overall, the asset covers an area of 900 Ha and has never been drilled.

Located in Bolivia’s prolific South Mineral Belt which includes world-class deposits such as Chorolque, Tasna, Choroma, Siete Suvyos, and San Vicente. In fact, Iska Iska is unique as it is aligned with Cerro Rico, one of the largest silver mines in the world, along the same corridor structure.

“It has all the earmarks of major tonnage,” Larsen says.

La Victoria

Eloro owns 82% of the La Victoria project, located in North Central Peru. The project is near world-class, low – cost gold producers such as Pan American Silver and Barrick. With excellent potential for gold discovery in Peru’s prolific North-Central Mineral Belt, the company will be drilling again in October at the La Victoria project.

Not like other junior companies

The company’s focus is to stick to building asset growth and building resources as quickly as possible. According to Larsen, their assets are also unique because of the variety of metals they find at their targets, from silver, to gold, zinc, and lead.

“You combine all those metals, even if they’re at the lower range of their value on a per ton of rock, you come up with 60 dollars pretty quickly,” he says. “I don’t know of too many junior companies that have this.”

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