Empower Clinics: Launches COVID-19 Testing

Covid testing for consumers and businesses

Empower Clinics is focusing on improving lives with products, technology and health systems. The company is taking the clinic wellness model to new heights, integrating onsite physicians, tele-medicine, diagnostics services. Furthermore, Empower is now launching Covid-19 testing.

Empower owns and operates a network of physician staffed medical clinics, treating more than 165,000 patients in Oregon, Arizona and through tele-medicine.

In addition, the company sells premium health and wellness products in clinics, online and through franchisees. Its Sollievo CBD line targets chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, digestion, sleep disorders and more.

Moreover, Empower is opening its first CBD extraction facility in Portland, Oregon. It’s a 5,000 sq.ft. building capable of producing 6,000 kg per year of hemp-derived distillate or isolate for gel caps, tinctures and vape cartridges.

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