EventMobi: World’s #1 Event App Platform

Bob Vaez, Founder & CEO of EventMobi, talks about their app platform that helps in creating incredible event experiences.

EventMobi helps event planners and marketers promote their event online and manage their data. Additionally, they help automate and collect information from attendees speakers and exhibitors.

You can automatically share data between EventMobi and your existing systems with integrations. You can sync a variety of different types of event data including schedules, track attendee data, speaker profiles and more. This makes EventMobi one of the most stack extendable products on the market. The team works closely with its clients to ensure that integration requirements are defined and their systems are seamlessly connected.

Furthermore, the company’s providing clients with a mobile event app customized for their needs so they can increase engagement at their event and create a better experience for their attendees when they arrive on site.

The company is focused on increasing the number of integrations and partnerships they have with other technology companies. They are doing so mainly in the online marketing and onsite solutions departments.

Lastly, EventMobi is the world’s #1 event app platform for a simple reason: They go to the ends of the earth to empower their clients.

For more information on EventMobi please go to their website eventmobi.com.