FSD Pharma: Developing its PEA Compound to Treat COVID-19

Drug with properties to reduce chronic inflammation

FSD Pharma is a specialty biotech pharmaceutical R&D company. FSD Pharma BioSciences, a wholly-owned subsidiary, is focusing on developing multiple applications of the company’s lead compound FSD201, ultra-micronized palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), by down-regulating the cytokines to effectuate an anti-inflammatory response.

“The company has recently received permission from the FDA to submit an I.N.D. application for the use of ultra-micro PEA to treat patients with COVID-19 infections,” says CEO and Chairman, Raza Bokhari. FSD Pharma has successfully completed a Phase 1 first-in-human safety and tolerability study. Moreover, the study found the compound to be safe with no serious side effects. This study also validated considerable scientific literature published in Europe that claims safety and tolerability of micro-PEA. Ultra-micronized PEA has been dispensed in Italy and Spain as a prescription anti-inflammatory medical food supplement since 2004. There have been no serious adverse side effects reported.

Severe COVID-19 is characterized by an over-exuberant inflammatory response that may lead to a cytokine storm and ultimately death. Further, the Company is focusing on developing FSD201 for its anti-inflammatory properties to avoid the cytokine storm associated with acute lung injury in hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

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