FSD: Advancing Research and Development

Advancing R&D to fulfill unmet medical needs.

FSD’s R&D platform focuses on cannabinoids and their potential for widespread clinical applications. With the acquisition of Prismic Pharmaceuticals, they have added an R&D platform with the capability of producing synthetic cannabinoids and opioid sparing compounds that would hopefully gain  FDA approval to commercialize prescription medications in United States, Canada & ROW. 

About FSD Pharma

FSD Pharma is a broadly diversified cannabis company with operations including research and development, cultivation, processing, extraction, and manufacturing.

They have a ‘farm to laboratory’ vertically-integrated operating structure. The farming operation produces raw materials for cannabis products and derivatives. They achieve this through a highly-managed supply chain process which aim to yield maximum, high-quality product efficiently.

Moreover, they’re focusing on the development of the highest quality indoor grown, pharmaceutical grade cannabis. Additionally, they do research and development of novel cannabinoid-based treatments for for better patient outcome. 

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