GameSquare Esports: A Rapidly Growing Area in Sports & Entertainment

Esports has hundreds of millions of players and fans

GameSquare Esports is an international esports company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The company is looking to acquire additional assets and entities serving the esports market and, more broadly, in sports and entertainment. Further, GameSquare’s acquisition of Code Red Ltd. (“Code Red”), an esports talent agency, provided an initial foothold in Europe through its UK operations.

Esports is one of the most exciting and fastest growing areas in sports and entertainment. In fact, it has hundreds of millions of players and fans watching their favorite teams and players compete on a global stage.

About Code Red

Code Red represents leading on-screen talent, players and influencers. They also work with leading global brands to develop influencer campaigns and esports marketing strategies.

Code Red as done it all, from running events, to sourcing and hiring talent, to writing and broadcasting shows that have gone out to over 1 million viewers. They also conduct strategic and marketing projects. The company has witnessed first-hand how the industry has evolved. Moreover, they’re uniquely positioned to forecast how esports will continue to change.

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