Harvest Space Innovation Index ETF

Canada’s first Space Index ETF

Access Canada’s first Space Index ETF! The Harvest Space Innovation Index ETF is trading on the TSX under the symbol ORBT.

Further, ORBT is designed to provide Canadian investors access to the growing and dynamic space industry sector. ORBT primarily invests in large capitalization issuers that are engaged in the development of products and services related to satellites, space probes, space launches, space flight & tourism, space stations & habitats and other space exploration related issuers that are listed on a regulated stock exchange in North America as well as select global developed markets.

The ETF has an equally weighted portfolio of 40 listed on developed markets and also tracks the Solactive Space Innovation Index.

For more information on Harvest Portfolios Group Inc. (TSX: ORBT) please visit their website at harvestportfolios.com.