Hempsana: Cannabis-Infused Products for Wellbeing

Poised to become a global supplier as markets open

Hempsana is a Canadian cannabis company incorporated under the Federal laws of Canada. It is a specialized manufacturer of cannabis derivatives, focused on Extraction & Purification and End-Product Manufacturing. Further, the company’s EU-GMP compliant facility, in Goderich Ontario, is licensed under Health Canada’s Standard Processing and Industrial Hemp Licences.

Moreover, Hempsana is focusing on producing consistent high-quality cannabis extracts for use in finished product development, including vapeables, topical creams and infused consumables. Their vision is to offer carefully crafted cannabinoid extracts for modern consumers who want a safe natural alternative that fits seamlessly into today’s healthy lifestyles.  With that in mind, they have built Hempsana as the go-to supplier of safe, high-quality cannabis concentrate raw materials, finished products, processing, packaging and labelling for ready-to-sell cannabis products, focussing on CBD, CBG as well as CBN as primary extracts.

Additionally, Hempsana uses safe innovative processing, strict quality controls and extensive in-process testing. This ensures products are formulated consistently and, most importantly, safe for consumers.

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