Hempsana: 18 Products and Over 50 SKU’s

Providing cannabis 2.0 and 3.0 products to the marketplace in late 2021

Hempsana is a specialized manufacturer of cannabis derivatives, focused on Extraction & Purification and End-Product Manufacturing. Furthermore, the company’s EU-GMP compliant facility, located in Goderich Ontario, is Licensed under Health Canada’s Standard Processing and Industrial Hemp Licences.

Hempsana’s focus is on producing consistent high-quality cannabis extracts. Moreover, these are used in finished product development, including vapeables, topical creams and infused consumables.

“There’s downward pressure on hemp prices and cannabis prices. And although that might be troublesome for some companies, it has provided an opportunity for Hempsana,” says Co-Founder, CEO and President, Randy Ko. As a matter of fact, the lower prices have allowed the company to get into a foray of rare cannabinoids.

“We’ve made some investments into technology that allows the capability of producing rare cannabinoids. We feel like we’ll be one of the first, if not the first, LP (Licenced Producer) in the marketspace to release these types of products,” says Ko.

Based on the simple principle of manufacturing the best cannabinoid derivative products available, an advanced process for extraction and manufacturing was designed. The company’s goal is to provide derivatives that offer the most effective solution to consumers. Therefore, the primary extraction is achieved through ethanol extraction, providing for a full spectrum extract.

Hempsana uses safe innovative processing, extracting standards, strict quality controls as well as extensive in-process testing. This ensures products are formulated consistently and, most importantly, safe for consumers.

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