Ignite is Lasered in on the Emerging CBD Market

Potential to Be a Global Brand

For a consumer products company that has a cannabis division, CBD is the big emerging category. Ignite services all main product lines in the cannabis side including flower pre-rolls. They have a number of other products that they expect to bring to market. President, Jim McCormick believes the brand has all the potential to be a global brand.

Providing Pure Cannabis

Ignite is dedicated to providing the purest cannabis products worldwide. They company tests and retests every batch for pesticides, herbicides, viruses, bacteria, microbials, and anything else that could possibly harm you. What’s more, they only source our oil from the finest flower — combining superior quality with state-of-the-art technology in each and every cartridge.

Proper dosing and potency of the product is key to the benefits and enjoyment of any cannabis experience. Ignite knows from experience what a proper dose should be. As a brand, they produce products that you can rely on, with optimal dosage and potency. They test it and then test it again until it meets their intensive brand standards.

Ignite flower is at the heart of each and every Ignite product.  The flower represents an unwavering dedication to delivering premium cannabis throughout the globe.

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