INEO Tech: Using Technology to Connect Advertisers with Customers

Connection through its patented retail Welcoming System

INEO Tech Corp., through its wholly-owned subsidiary, INEO Solutions Inc., provides retailers with The Welcoming System. The system is a patented location-based advertising, analytics, and theft detection platform. A store’s entrance is its portal to the world. Moreover, it’s the invaluable piece of retail real estate that connects a store to its customers. INEO delivers predictive analytics and brand experience to enhance the retailers’ connection to its customers, monetizing the entrance for both INEO and the retailer.

The Welcoming System

INEO’s patented retail Welcoming System which combines digital advertising, predictive AI, and loss prevention into a single, innovative, system.

The Company utilizes cutting-edge neural net technology to give hyper accurate customer counts plus it can deliver optional demographic info such as age, gender and CSAT score. Further, digital signage delivers customers a brand positive image with the first thing they see when they enter the store. Thirdly, its Cloud Dashboard allows you to view traffic count, alarm events, health of the system and more from your desktop or mobile phone. Finally, there’s Integrated Loss Prevention with video capture of alarm events and real time notifications to mobile devices.

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